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Livestock Emergency Guidelines and Standards (LEGS) Handbook Consultation

12 Dec 2012,

Global consultation process to prepare for the 2nd edition of the Livestock Emergency Guidelines and Standards (LEGS) Handbook

The LEGS Handbook is being revised in preparation for a second edition to be published in early 2014. The consultation process will run from 10th December 2012 to 28th February 2014 and feedback is invited on all aspects of the current handbook. A feedback form is available on the LEGS website [] and should be returned to the LEGS Coordinator [] before 28th February 2013.

The form provides space for general comments as well as for specific feedback on individual chapters, standards and indicators. It also includes a case study template for the submission of new case studies and examples of livelihoods-based livestock interventions in emergencies. We are also interested in any recent evaluations, reviews and impact assessments of livestock-based emergency responses, which can be emailed to the LEGS Coordinator.

This on-line consultation process will be complemented by the production of briefing papers on key issues of relevance to LEGS. These topics include cash and voucher responses, and animal welfare (already completed), nutrition, livestock in IDP and refugee camps, climate change, and gender.

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