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Conference on policies and programmes to support small farmers organizations in Georgia

21 Mar 2012
, Asia - Caucasus, Georgia


This two-day conference was part of the activities implemented under the EC/FAO Programme to promote small farmers’ organizations (FOs) in Georgia. Other activities included: (i) the organization of a study tour for Government officials to Hungary; (ii) a baseline survey of existing FOs in Georgia and a review of legislation and taxation related to FOs; (iii) and assistance to draft legislation on cooperatives in collaboration with EU and UNDP.

The Conference was very timely to provide inputs to the formulation of the Action Plan for the implementation of the Agriculture Sector Development Strategy of Georgia. Agriculture is now high on the policy agenda of the Government and in the Strategy, which has just been released, farmer cooperation is an important mechanism for developing agriculture and reducing poverty in rural areas.

The Conference was successful and well attended, reflecting  a renewed interest in farmers organizations not only in Georgia but also in the countries of the region. All main government and non-government stakeholders concerned with farmers organizations in Georgia were represented. Representatives from ten selected countries participated in the Conference.

The main recommendations which have emerged from the presentations, discussions and group work concern the role of Government in supporting the development of FOs, legislation and taxation, policy dialogue between FOs and Government, conditions for sustainable FOs, special needs of commercial FOs, training and advisory support, FOs and poverty alleviation and coordination of external support. The results are detailed in the Conference Report.


Courtyard Marriott hotel, Tbilisi

Target Audience

90 participants representing government institutions from Georgia and other countries of the Caucasus and Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), FOs from Georgia and other countries, COPA/COGECA, the donor community and national and international NGOs.




The objective of the Conference was to promote effective and sustainable farmers’ organizations in Georgia, specifically to identify effective policies and programmes to address the constraints faced by farmers’ organizations in Georgia based on the experience of other countries.


Ms. Francoise Trine
EC-FAO food security programme
Programme coordinator

Mr. Beka Dzadzamia
EC-FAO food security programme
Country Coordinator

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