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Stakeholders workshop on the development of the crop forecasting system in Armenia

30 Nov 2012
, Asia - Caucasus, Armenia


A one day workshop was organized on 30 November 2012  under the “EC/FAO Programme on information systems to improve food security decision-making in the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) East area” in collaboration with the University of Liege.

The workshop has provided an opportunity to present and discuss the improved crop forecasting system of Armenia to stakeholders, its potential to support decision-making processes and the country’s plans for its further development until and after the end of the EC/FAO Programme in June 2013.

The main results of the assistance provided to develop the agrometereological forecasting system were presented to participants, i.e.:

  • Crop yield forecasts (winter wheat, potato) using FAO methodology;
  • Revised Agrometeorological Bulletin (including NDVI images and remote sensing);
  • Newly developed agro page of the Armstatehydromet Service.


The Workshop was attended by representatives from the Hydrometeorological services of Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine who shared the experience of their countries in agrometeorology.


Best Western Congress Hotel, Yerevan, Armenia

Target Audience

38 participants including representatives from the Ministry of Emergency, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Agriculture, National Statistical Service, Oxfam, USDA, WFP, FAO, and representatives from Georgia, Republic of Moldova and Ukraine.


Food Security Statistics


The objectives of the workshop were to present the progress made in forecasting crop yields in Armenia, the potential of the forecasting system to support decision-making processes and the country’s plans to further develop the system.


Francoise Trine
Programme Coordinator

Mane Tapaltsyan
Country Coordinator

Zara Petrosyan
Head of Hydrometereological Operational Centre

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Workshop report

Terms of reference of the workshop


Crop yield forecasting and agrometeorological service system development in Armenia

Options available for the development of an early warning system in Armenia

Use of the crop yield forecasting Data in decision-making

FAO Crop Monitoring and Yield Forecasting Tool (AgroMetShell  version 2.0)

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