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Round table discussion on “Development of a law on agricultural cooperatives”

30 Apr 2013
, Asia - Caucasus, Armenia


A round table discussion was organised on 30 April 2013 under the “EC/FAO Programme on Information Systems to Improve Food Security Decision-Making in the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) East Area” to discuss the options available for promoting agricultural cooperatives in Armenia and review the paper prepared by an FAO Consultant, in support of the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA), on the development of Republic of Armenia (RA) Law on Agricultural Cooperatives. 

During the meeting the Minister of Agriculture stressed that agriculture is recognized by the Government as a priority sector of the economy. In this respect the establishment of agricultural cooperatives is expected to positively contribute to the Armenian economy. The participants have also noted that the initiation of such an activity requires a strong awareness raising campaign and the farmers have to clearly understand the difference between the former kolkhoses and sovkhoses and current cooperatives. 

The preparation of the paper by the FAO Consultant was based on desk research: collection and analysis of relevant papers, national statistics on cooperatives, reports, international policy papers and agreements, case studies about cooperatives and country laws. In particular, the cooperative laws of 5 countries have been analyzed and integrated in the report including the case of neighbouring Georgia.

The main recommendations presented by the consultant were the following:

  • Develop one universal law on cooperatives;
  • Take into account the important elements concerning the cooperative identity and principles explicitly expressed in cooperative legislation;
  • Study more deeply the tax policy related to cooperatives, in particular agricultural cooperatives;
  • Develop a general state policy on cooperatives.


The full set of conclusions and recommendations is presented in the summary report in English. The main report is only available in Armenian.


RA Ministry of Agriculture, Yerevan

Target Audience

The round table discussion was attended by 17 participants including representatives from various departments of the Ministry of Agriculture, International Center for Agribusiness Research (ICARE), FAO and Agricultural Association Foundation.




The main objective of the meeting was to introduce a study prepared by the FAO Consultant on the development of a Law on Agricultural Cooperatives in Armenia and to stimulate a discussion on the document. The meeting was also useful to brief the participants on this component of the Programme.


Francoise Trine
Programme Coordinator

Mane Tapaltsyan
Country Coordinator

Vardan Urutyan
Director, ICARE

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Minutes of the round table discussion

Summary report on "Legislative reforms for cooperatives - Guidelines for Armenia" (Vardan Urutyan)

Report "Legislative reforms for cooperatives - Guidelines for Armenia" (Vardan Urutyan) (in Armenian)

Report on "Necessity of legal reforms aimed at sustainable development of cooperatives in Armenia"(Vardan Urutyan and Narek Vardanyan)

Summary of the presentation “Necessity of cooperative legislation reforms in Armenia” National Alliance Meeting (Vardan Urutyan)

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