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Workshop: Measuring the Impact of Food Security Related Programming

6 Dec 2010
, Rome
, Italy


In recent years there has been increased interest in evaluating the impact of development projects. However there has been a gap regarding food security related projects. FAO, with support from the EC-FAO programme, has thus organized a workshop on methods for evaluating the impact of food security related programmes.



  • Produce impact evaluation guidelines for food security programmes
  • Write a workshop report that outlines the major gaps, methodological constraints and the best way of addressing issues
  • Inform the creation of a Food Security Impact Evaluation Programme in FAO by identifying:  appropriate methods and practices; how to efficiently target effort and resources; and external partners.


FAO Headquarters, Nigeria room

Target Audience


Impact evaluation


  • Discuss quantitative methods for evaluating the impact of food security programmes. This includes learning from empirical methods used in programmes in Latin America and Africa.
  • Identify the methodological challenges and gaps in assessing impact on food security
  • Promote scientific debate on the topic by discussing state-of-the-art approaches to impact evaluation in areas related to food security


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 fs_impact_assessment_gaarder .pdf
 Food security and nutrition indicators for impact assessment.pdf


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