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User-producer workshop: food security and agriculture statistics in Georgia

15 Feb 2011 16 Feb 2011
, Tbilisi
, Asia - Caucasus, Georgia


The Workshop was jointly organized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Geostat with support from the Programme.

 The Workshop achieved its objectives. The participants identified a series of problems and made recommendations to government and national organizations to improve the accuracy, relevance and communication of statistics. The Workshop was successful in establishing a dialogue between MoA and Geostat. The Programme will continue to encourage this dialogue to ensure significant results.


Betsy Hotel, 32/34 Makashvili Street, Tbilisi, Georgia

Target Audience

The workshop was attended by about 30 participants, representatives of GeoStat and the main users of food security and agriculture statistics: the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA), Tbilisi State University (TSU), donor community and international NGOs.


Food Security Statistics


The objective of the workshop was to assist national institutions in tailoring statistics to users’ needs and, more broadly, build trust and strengthen collaboration between stakeholders through a dialogue.

 The main specific objectives of the workshop were as follows:

  • Improve awareness and understanding of the food security and agriculture statistics and information products that are currently produced by GeoStat;
  • Review the needs for food security and agriculture statistics for strategy and policy analysis, in particular the needs of MoA, the problems faced by the users in using current statistics and existing gaps;
  • Present the MoA plans regarding the collection of information at a district level;
  • Present an example of the user of statistics to make economic and financial decisions;
  • Participants to prepare a Plan of Action for improving food security and agriculture statistics and information products.


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Workshop report


Food Security Statistics.pdf
Agricultural statistics for strategy and policy.pdf
Data needs and statistical issues.pdf
Statistics for economic and financial decisions.pdf
Agro-Food Statistics in the EU.pdf
Policy and strategy.pdf
Agricultural statistics.pdf

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