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Proceedings from the International Scientific Symposium on Food and Nutrition Security information

5 Apr 2013

In January 2012 FAO organized an International Symposium to examine emerging trends in measuring Food and Nutrition Security Information and linking it more closely to decision-making. These proceedings contain the findings from the symposium as well as a synthesis of [...]


Food Security Communications Toolkit

13 Jul 2011

Food security professionals increasingly realize that they must use communications strategically for their work to have a maximum impact. While most organizations have invested heavily in food security analysis and research, many still need to enhance their communications to ensure [...]


Beyond Relief: Food Security in Protracted Crises

Luca Alinovi, Günter Hemrich, and Luca Russo (editors)
8 Sep 2008, D.R. of the Congo, Somalia, Sudan

In many countries, prolonged conflicts result in food emergencies that recur over years or even decades. Initial humanitarian relief efforts are rarely replaced by programmes that offer a longer-term perspective on food security. This book provides examples, based on case [...]


Integrating Food Security Information in National Statistical Systems

Edited by Seevalingum Ramasawmy
12 Mar 2012

This book aims at  providing  a better understanding of how food security indicators can be used for policy-making and planning. It also looks at ways in which statistics can be used to improve the reliability of food security information at [...]


Deriving Food Security Information from National Household Budget Surveys

edited by Ricardo Sibrian
8 Dec 2008

The book includes papers from eleven countries which examine methodological issues related to estimating food deprivation. It aims at giving readers a better understanding of food security indicators and their use in food policy analysis.

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The “Improved Global Governance for Hunger Reduction” programme is funded by the European Union with additional resources provided by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). The programme is managed by FAO and collaborates with the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and the World Food Programme (WFP)”